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To be translated as soon as the text is final:
Translated into English from Luigi's Italian brochure:
Usually drugs are taken to reduce symptoms of a disease and improve body functions with the aim to live better and longer. In most cases these medications are helpful to us. Nevertheless it can sometimes happen that the expected effects do not take place or that on the contrary side effects occur which on their part can harm our organism. This problem is not restricted to drugs. Many human activities are associated with risks, just think of driving a car.
This information addresses to patients who suffered from a severe cutaneous adverse drug reaction. The aim is to prevent such a reaction from occurring again, to restore confidence in the correct use of medications and to reduce the risk of undesired long term effects.

These webpages were compiled by a group of university-based researchers, mostly physicians, from different European countries and Israel and are part of an international research program on severe cutaneuos adverse reactions. For further information on this project please refer to the "Who we are" section.